Points of Interest around Banyuwangi

The surrounding mountains, forest, beaches and the historic city of Banyuwangi, which sculpt a landmark for each regions. We are able to customize any tour programs from each destination according to your need.

Ijen Crater

Elevated 2883 metres above sea level, Ijen Crater features a spectacular volcanic lake that is a vivid shade of turquoise. It is the site of a labour-intensive sulphur mine where blocks of this yellow mineral are collected by hand and carried down the mountain in baskets.

Sanggar Genjah Arum

With its colonial styled furnishings, this authentic coffee house captures the spirit of a bygone era and is a relaxing spot to enjoy light refreshments. It is located 15 kilometres from Ketapang Indah Hotel in the traditional Banyuwangi village of Osing.

Alas Purwo National Park

Home to a herd of wild deer and the endangered Javanese bull, Alas Purwo National Park is a protected environment covering 80 hectares of savannah landscape. Located on the southern tip of East Java, the park also incorporates the world-class surf break known as G-Land.

Ngagelan Beach

As a breeding site for different species of sea turtles, Ngagelan Beach has a successful conservation program in place. Newly laid eggs are collected and safeguarded against predators until they hatch. A tagging system monitors these highly endangered creatures upon release.